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Contestant Spotlight: Father Bill Matheny



Grab your tissues for two heartwarming episodes of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” this Wednesday and Thursday, when a man on a mission tries to get to a million!

Contestant Bill Matheny surprises host Chris Harrison and the “Millionaire” audience with the announcement that he will donate all of his winnings to the elementary school he attended as a child.

Matheny, a Catholic priest at All Saints Church in Bridgeport, West Virginia, pledges his prize money to alma mater St. Francis of Assisi in Saint Albans as a gesture of gratitude for his start in life. Father Maheny hopes to help the school grow their scholarship fund, increase teacher salaries, and enhance the infrastructure.

Father Matheny has auditioned to be a contestant on “Millionaire” at least once a year over the past 17 years. He almost didn’t audition this season, but luckily a good friend convinced him to try out once again.

How far will Father Matheny’s mission take him? Find your time and channel in the station finder above and tune in Tuesday and Wednesday to find out.