Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Official Site | MillionaireTV.com | 2015 September


Contestant Spotlight: Tony Hightower


Aside from spending a lifetime acquiring knowledge and watching numerous game shows, this week’s contestant Tony Hightower feels that there’s no real way to prepare for an appearance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. At the age of 17, Tony acquired his taste for luck when he won money in a raffle and used it to fund a Hawaiian vacation. So far, that Hawaiian holiday has been his most extravagant expense.

This former personal assistant to David Bowie once toured across Canada with his own band and eventually moved to New York City from Toronto, leaving his old life behind. Always interested in pushing the limits of his mind, Tony thought that being on Millionaire just seemed like an incredible amount of fun. Tune in this week to find out just how much fun he had, and if his Millionaire winnings can send him back to Hawaii in style!